• Hello to "Royalty Free Electronic Music" , you are content creator, video producer or you edit videos and those with royalty free music or royalty free background music, instrumental background music out of the electronic dance music genre and you need a commercial music license for videos ?

  • On this page you can find songs produced by me and you can purchase a music license for commercial use which is affordable.

  • After purchasing a license, you will receive the WAV-file of the respective song via download, which you can use as background music in projects such as video production, YouTube videos and/or in commercials, advertisements, video trailers, an intro and TV or film or podcast productions or websites without limitation.

        payment and download info:

  • if you want to buy a song, you will be redirected to elopage when you click on the "buy" button. this is a german payment provider, which i use. there you can currently pay for the song via paypal or credit card and get the download link of the song with the license declaration

How it works 


  1.  Here you have the possibility to purchase the WAV file mentioned in the product description with the corresponding song title with a license for non-commercial and commercial unlimited use for the use cases provided in the license terms.

  2. It is not allowed to perform that WAV-FILE or that WAV-file in any other audio-file format as a stand-alone musical work or to publish it on music platforms or music streaming services. The same applies to the mp3-file, which is attached to some songs as an audio sample.

  3. Only the original purchaser of this WAV-File has a legal right to use these file within their own "original" video production like YouTube Videos and/or in advertisements, video trailer, an intro and television or film or podcast productions or websites as background music.

  4. After the successful purchase you can download the desired wav-file with a PDF including a license description.The above-mentioned possibilities of use existing accordingly 

  • Thanks Royalty Free Electronic Music